The end of the Loudness War comes closer

the PMF activities within the first two month: already now the first labels are going to release DR labeled CDs! More than 500 Sign Ups on the website.


Version 1.3 of the TT DR Offline Meter Software allows easy to use DR measurement of your favorite CDs even for home users. Because of this, magazines already started to commit a DR labeling of new CD reviews, so that each reviewer can simply measure the official DR Value within minutes. This is an amazing success and we are going to convince more magazines to do the same. Imitation is welcome! This will inform CD consumer about the dynamic value or the degree of destruction of new releases and affect sales positive for releases with high DR Values. In this way the recording industry will be convinced to get on the train very quickly.

One of the most important and expensive further steps is the establishment of a public database with DR Value for already released and new music similar to CDDB. Therefore the PMF currently works on a freeware grabber tool to enable CD grabbing, measurement of the official DR Value and automatic transfer to the database in just one step. “This requires big funds to get the ball rolling”, PMF founder Tischmeyer says in a phone interview. “Furthermore we are planning to employ 15 international PR professionals until June 2009.”

Thank you very much to all supporters! We are lucky about any kind of further support and donation to get back to good sound quality and fun in the studios as soon as possible.”

The PMF offers Support Partnerships for MI- and ProAudio companies to give the industry the opportunity to be a part of this process and communicate this with banners.

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