Meet Lisa … from Tomo AudioLabs

Tomo Audiolabs, Germany launches the flagship of a totally new type of product family for analogue tonal refinement in audio mastering with the dynamic mastering equaliser, LISA.

With “LISA” Tomo Audiolabs positions itself in the premium class of German manufacturers of analogue devices, and in this respect the firm pursues entirely independent paths.

LISA has a unique linkage of EQ with integrated dynamic processing at its disposal. With two shelf bands and four parametric bands – (two parametric bands can additionally be switched over to shelf), as well as low-cut and M/S matrix, the parallel-structured compression EQ offers undreamed-of intervention possibilities and subtly-nuanced refinement options. The most important field of application in mastering is gain with concurrent retention of a dynamic and live acoustic contour.

Lisa is by no means the umpteenth mastering EQ. Lisa’s most outstanding unique selling proposition is its parallel circuit concept combined with a dynamic section. The bands are not wired in series, unlike conventional equalisers, with which in principle 100% of the distortion or rectification influences the signal path. Lisa’s parallel circuitry permits processing of individual bands that is similar to that of a mixing console, and in combination with the dynamic section permits processing that is significantly more extensive, more sensitive, and also more subtle. On the other hand external FX settings are possible that are inconceivable with conventional EQs. In this case each band is equipped with a gain/cut, frequency and threshold lockable potentiometer, as well as quality-constant and time-constant selector switches. The dynamic section can be enabled per band as desired. A control circuit (…) allows monitoring of the processing path and gain-compensated A/B comparisons that are indispensable in professional mastering practice.

Product facts:
• Six frequency bands with a broad frequency overlap enable the greatest possible range of processing flexibility
• Each band is equipped with the parameters gain, frequency, threshold, and six presets for selection of attack/release behaviour. In addition the four mid-range bands have a five-stage quality selection from 0.4 to 5. The second and fifth band can optionally be used as shelving or bell filters. The two edge bands (boost) can be switched between a variant with overshoot and a variant without overshoot. The four mid-range bands are configured as boost/cut filters.
• Particular processing versatility thanks to a parallel circuit concept (mixing console principle)
• Dynamic processing is a component of the filter. Unlike conventional designs, dynamic processing is not downstream from the filter, rather dynamic processing is integrated in the filter.
• Active filter concept with the tonal attributes of a passive filter
• Low-cut that is particularly free of colouration can be switched in 11 positions between 20 and 180 Hz. Filter slope increases dynamically from 12 dB/octave to 18 DB/octave as the cutoff frequency becomes lower
• The use of special, and uncompromisingly, the best components for realization of the highest quality
• Newly-developed transformer concept gives Lisa the ability to render subtle tonal gradations that surpass those of the leading transformers on the market
• Additional analogue tone variation thanks to specific saturation of the input transformers
• Extensive dynamic range of 122 dB and overload resistance thanks to high operating voltage (output level + 28 dBU)
• M/S matrix
• Output section permits gain-adapted A/B comparison
• A control function permits solo auditing of the processing path
• Lock switches with easy-to-reproduce settings
• Ergonomically structured and intuitive user interface with appealing haptics and backlighting enable a short learning curve

TomoLabs are working hard on the launch of Lisa which will take place in a couple of weeks. Lisa will be available at an retail price of 12.000 euro (without VAT).





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