A new face for SPL Track One and Channel One

SPL of Germany have updated the look of the channel strips Track One and Channel One. Both units are now available and join the Frontliner, SPL’s flagship channel strip, to form the new family of SPL designed products.

The new design features include a horizontally brushed aluminium front panel with the controls seated into new smooth milled rounded openings, the brushed aluminium also has the practical advantage of retaining its classic look for longer as it will repel marks such as finger prints. The control knobs are sculpted from massive aluminium giving them a quality look along with much improved haptics.

According to SPL, technically nothing has changed: “Over the years, thousands of users have created and experienced amazing results using the Channel One and Track One. So, we see no reason to change these SPL classics, especially as they have been so successfully tried and tested.” explained SPL’s CEO, Hermann Gier. The recommended retail prices remain unchanged, too: Track One 699,- Euro, Channel One 1099,- Euro. For further information visit www.spl.info.



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