Ableton Denver User Group is live

Early this morning the site at turned LIVE. This new website facilitated file sharing, learning, and loop/sample exchange thought the custom file system programmed for the site. Registration is open to anyone and file uploads are beginning.

Ableton Denver is the result of several weeks of programming preceded by many weeks of planning. The site acts as the central point of contact for Live performances, remixing, sample/loop/set trading, and education for Ableton and other forms of electronic music.

Site features include:
– News feeds from GearJunkies, Create Digital Music, and Home Studio Connection
– File browsing open to the public
– Loop, sample, and project trading to registered members (registration is free)
– New for Ableton and electronic music in Colorado
– Teacher and student connections
– Musicians for hire
– Service for hire
– Any thing to expand the Denver Ableton scene

The site is currently administered by Marc W. (DJ Not So Much) and Chris Lawhead (Lawhead Music). Both have been performing live in the Denver Boulder area for over a decade each and turned to Ableton in the past few years to create more music. Marc has a long history of synthesis and programming spanning over 20 years while Chris is a classically trained musician with a focus on live performance and live looping. Both use Ableton very actively and keep personal studios and other resources available.

The Ableton Denver User Group website is already populating with information and news! The first meet up is scheduled for later in September. There are many events planned for the near future including:
– Tutorials
– Demonstrations
– Guest speakers
– Live Performances
– Social Gatherings

To stay up to date visit the Ableton Denver Website!



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