Arsenal Audio is dead, long live JDK Audio

Automated Processes, Inc. (API) have renamed their Arsenal Audio brand to JDK Audio after receiving a complaint from JVC America of the use of the word ‘arsenal’ in reference to API’s recently introduced brand of pro audio equipment. Arsenal Audio by API products include a microphone preamp and two versions of a four band audio equalizer manufactured for use by professional recording artists and engineers. JVC Americas Corp. is the registered owner of the word ‘arsenal’ in association with products for car audio equipment.

“We were completely blindsided, and are unaware that JVC has ever manufactured any piece of pro audio equipment” said Larry Droppa, API President. “And we can verify with assurance that API has never and likely will never manufacture a piece of audio equipment that installs in an automobile. Given the name “Arsenal Audio by API”, I’m very confident that the buyer of a piece of Arsenal Audio equipment by API is extremely familiar with who the manufacturer is.”

API explored a number of options to negotiate a settlement with JVC Americas Corp, but all proposal attempts were rejected by JVC.

JDK Audio (formerly known as Arsenal Audio)




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