Speck Electronics announces LiLo Mixer – Revision Two

The LiLo is a desktop analog line mixer that offers features and flexibility for use in the most serious recording applications. With more than 100 balanced input/output connections, this 16 channel modular console will mix 32 signals with unmatched signal routing, generous amounts of headroom, and a neutral signal path.

“We have listened to the suggestions from our existing customers and discussed recording applications with leading recording professionals. We believe these audio routing updates will give the LiLo a strategic advantage to compete with the growing market for line mixers used for DAW recording applications” said Speck’s president and designer, Vincent Poulos.

New features include:

– A direct out Post/Pre select switch. The “Pre” position is user configurable to select four possible signal sources; Pre Fader, Pre Insert jack, Line-B input, or Aux 4 send.

– A second pan pot for the subgroups. The new subgroup section adds the extra flexibility to mix 32 line signals simultaneously with only 16 input channels.

– Aux sends now have select switches that can split the aux sends between the Line-A or Line-B inputs further enhancing the routing flexibility for the dual signal path input channels. The aux sends also have a user configuration switch that changes the auxes from “pre fader” to “pre insert”.

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