Focal Professional launches CMS SUB

The CMS SUB is an active subwoofer designed to extend the frequency response of the CMS studio monitors. Its very high efficiency and dynamic capabilities guarantee a perfect integration with the CMS50 & 65 monitors. The CMS SUB offers tight and controlled bass, capable of reproducing every nuance and detail. Its great neutrality and dynamic range make adjusting EQ and compression settings on your tracks an absolute breeze. Thanks to the large front laminar port, the CMS SUB ensures a perfect reproduction regardless of the listening level, and the numerous settings (phase, lo-pass, sound level, …) facilitate its integration into even the smallest recording studios.

11″ Polyglass® cone woofer: absolute neutrality
The 11″ Polyglass® cone woofer used in the CMS SUB is both very light and extremely rigid for a neutral and distortion-free response. This incredible weight-to-rigidity ratio is obtained by applying a thin layer of hollow glass spheres on top of a cellulose-based cone. The high excursion capabilities of the CMS SUB woofer offer tight and controlled bass, able to reproduce even the most minute detail. The CMS SUB woofer was designed to be extremely efficient, to make the most out of amplifier headroom, making sure that you can hear the
slightest changes to compression settings.

Custom-built amplification
BASH® technology was selected by our team of engineers for the output stage of the CMS SUB amplifier (300W rms). After extensive listening sessions, this hybrid design was chosen for its sound quality combined with high efficiency. The rest of the amplifier (power supply, etc) is custom built and fine-tuned especially for the CMS SUB.

Extensive connectivity
The CMS SUB features stereo inputs and outputs to facilitate the connection of a pair of CMS monitors. A dedicated LFE input allows the use of the CMS SUB in a multi-channel system. The subwoofer’s LO PASS settings have been optimised for an optimal integration with the CMS 50 & 65 permitting a quick and easy setup. Phase inversion, phase adjustment and a mute switch can be remotely controlled by a standard foot

Front-ported 7/8″ MDF cabinet
The very high SPL of the CMS SUB (113dB) can generate enormous internal pressure within the cabinet. To maximize rigidity and to eliminate cabinet resonance, the MDF used in its construction is almost one inch thick (22mm). The CMS SUB is equipped with a large front laminar port to facilitate its positioning in smaller studios or near a back wall. The CMS SUB is an undeniable reference in its price segment. Its perfect integration with the CMS 50 & 65 monitors, neutral response and impressive bass definition will convince even the most “You can’t mix with a subwoofer” detractors!

Availability : October 2009. Public retail price Excl. Tax: 650 euros.




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