Rupert Neve Designs release Portico II Channel

During the 2009 AES conference in New York, Rupert Neve Designs introduced the Portico II: Channel, the first in a new series of rack-mounting modules based on the high voltage single-sided op-amps developed for the 5088 mixer, with a new range of dedicated transformers, and an extensive arsenal of tonal controls.

The Portico II is a self-powered 2U channel module comprised of a fully- featured mic preamplifier, 4-band EQ, compressor-limiter, “texture” control and level metering, The Portico II includes a bevy of new features including: Variable Silk / Silk+ Texture control, a fully tunable “de-esser”, multiple VCA filtering and detection options, a transient-optimized swept HPF and parallel compression blending. With its simple yet powerful topologies and extensive feature set, every element of the Portico II: Channel is geared towards providing unprecedented sonic integrity and creative capabilities.

Company owner and legendary designer Mr. Rupert Neve sees Portico II as a major advance in signal processing performance, “Our primary goal with the Portico II Channel was to combine the finest possible sound quality with a set of tools that both inspire creativity and expand the available tonal palette. With discrete, high voltage single-sided op-amps similar to those in the now famous 5088 mixer, together with groundbreaking features like texture control, I believe the Portico II Channel Module can adapt to suite the personality of any song, instrument or engineer.”

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