Linplug news and updates

Keeping products running has always been Linplug’s priority, and so they are on a number of updates to come up during the last weeks of the year. Windows 7 and Mac OSX 10.6 keeps them busy, but they are confident to manage it. Linplug thanks their customers for the feedback and helping them on fixing bugs.

RMV 5.0.5 for both Mac and PC. Fixing a number of issues and to be released soon.
– fixed Edit All not working when switching Loop Page
– fixed trigger value display not being correct
– fixed sample or slice start/end not editable
– fixed previewed sample could still be triggered after preview ended
– improved stability in Sonar & Reaper
– new feature next/prev/first/last switches in pads sample windows

Alpha 64 bit beta version available
Alpha 3.0.2 as a native 64 bit plugin for PC (actually on Mac there are very few people using 64 bit hosts). Its available at the location mentioned in your order or registration mail, so this beta once again is for existing customers. Please use the support form at to get them your system details in case you come across any problem with these.

Free Albino Presets
One of their customers, Joe, send them 80 marvelous Albino presets, thanks Joe! If you feel like following this example, go on, bundle your presets and send them to Linplug together with permission to distribute them. The presets are at the Albino download location mentioned in your order or registration mail.

Laptop Rockers Remix Contest
LinPlug sponsors the Laptop Rockers Eat Static Remix Context, running until end of the year you have the chance to win a number of prizes including many instruments from LinPlug. For full info please visit Good luck in case you enter the contest!

RMV Tutorial Building Drum Kits
A new tutorial about how to build up a drum kit from scratch and what features of RMV support you is available at Thanks to Branis, who usually designs our instruments user interfaces, but obviously has many talents!







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