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Linplug news and updates

Keeping products running has always been Linplug’s priority, and so they are on a number of updates to come up during the last weeks of the year. Windows 7 and Mac OSX 10.6 keeps them busy, but they are confident to manage it. Linplug thanks their customers for the feedback and helping them on fixing bugs.

Albino 3 has been released!

Albino 3 has been released!

In 2002 Rob Papen approached Peter Linsener of LinPlug with the idea of a sound-designers dream synth. A few months later ALBINO was born! This very unique synth stole the hearts of many musicians due to it is high quality sound, usability and inspirational presets.

Now, just when you thought things could not get any better… Albino 3 arrives! There are loads of amazing new creative features added like the two new filters Scream and Comb, four FX units with new FX like LoFi and WahWah, a Compressor and an improved Reverb. But the biggest new feature is that you can layer up to four instances of Albino in one single preset!