XT Software launch energyXT 2.5.2

XT Software is proud to present the release of energyXT 2.5.2. It includes Live Markers functionality for live production, improved workflow and auto update.

Live markers
The new live markers feature enables you to play with arrangements on the fly, making it much easier to experiment with different arrangements of your tracks. Once you find an arrangement you are happy with, you can turn it into a full arrangement with the click of a button. Furthermore, the live markers can be very effective in live situations, when you need to improvise arrangements on the fly

Improved workflow
At XT Software, we are always working hard to improve the workflow of energyXT, to ensure that it’s the most flexible and efficient tool for music creation out there. It’s not about the number of features, it’s about the creative experience as a whole. As a result of this philosophy, the new 2.5.2 release features tons of small improvements that add up to a significantly improved workflow.

Auto update
It’s now easier than ever to ensure that you’re running the latest version of energyXT. With the automatic update feature, energyXT can check for available updates and install them for you automatically.

Download energyXT 2.5.2 now at: www.energy-xt.com.





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