MASC Touchtable DJ and studio controller MP3 player

This is an unique personal music player that incorporates interaction into the act of listening music. The large controller wheel surrounding the screen, acts similar to that of a turntable: when used in combination with the surrounding function buttons, it allows for compete user control over the track, through precise position, timing and pitch manipulation.

One function button controls the simultaneous switching to a second track, allowing the user to mix records on the fly, or scratch sounds over the track. Trough the cue output, each track is directed to either the left ow right headphone, the beat and pitch can be matched, a cue point or sample loop created, and the tracks mixed out the mail phono output, cueing points at will.

Two devices cab also me combined wirelessly at the click of a button, to act similar to the traditional DJ set up, just at around 1:8 scale. This function also allows for multiple users to mix and scratch tracks together combining their own Touchtables through one output.

The device not only adds interaction to the personal listening experience, but can also be used for performance. The Touchtable can be plugged into a computer, where is acts as a MIDI device, working with build in software, allowing complete creativity and control over customization and music creation. Although the Touchtable allows for complex interactions comparable to a complete DJ set up, not to mention ultra portable, cost effective, easy and enjoyable to use…..and its not for sale….This is a prototype model from a design studio in the UK…sorry boys and girls.

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