Elektron Machinedrum & Monomachine OS updates

Elektron Music Machines has released new OS updates for the Machinedrum and the Monomachine. The Machinedrum got a simplified Global Menu layout and the Monomachine got two brand new effects — a phaser and a flanger. Get the updates at the Elektron homepage.

About the Machinedrum SPS-1/SPS-1 UW mkii
The Machinedrum is a 16-track drum machine with no compromises. It contains a range of different synthesis methods developed specially for producing percussive tones. Almost any type of drum sound imaginable can be created using a Machinedrum. The Machinedrum is suitable for artists and producers looking for the sharpest rhythm production tool in existence. It is suitable for all genres, no matter if it’s about grimy hip-hop, old school electro or minimal techno. A lot of DJ’s use Machinedrum sps-1uw mkii to sample loops in real time from the records they’re playing, manipulating and remixing the captured samples on the fly.

About the Monomachine SFX60 mkii
The Monomachine is a six-track synthesizer based on five different synthesis methods. You can mix and match these methods the way you like, which allows for a very broad palette of sounds. The Monomachine is suitable for everyone looking for a synthesizer that sounds like nothing else. It’s a self contained solution for electronic music production, ideal for those who want a unique sound no matter what kind of music they make.






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