djDecks v0.98 has been released

This release brings initial support for the Reloop Digital Jockey 2 controller, improved support for the DJ-Tech i-Mix controller, and some improvements to the VCI-100 and Denon controllers.

It also brings improvements to the smart playlist feature and faster search-while-typing. As usual there’s also a number of bugs that have been fixed. The development of djDecks For Mac is also going pretty well, so feel free to try it if you like, and post your experiences on the forum.

– Added: Storing m4a/mp4 tags
– Added: New smart playlist feature: group by range and createddays, modifieddays fields
– Added: Denon controller option to select match button action
– Added: Negative fade time selection to add a gap between songs during automix
– Added: Reading of AIFF tags
– Added: Option to record mixes in FLAC and AIFF format
– Added: Option to automatically load first cue point when opening a song
– Added: echo_source_end and echo_stereo_pingpong parameters for echo (to be used in your own skin or midi mapping for example)
– Added: Initial support for Reloop Digital Jockey 2 controller
– Improved: DJ-Tech i-Mix controller mapping
– Improved: No more click when activating or deactivating tempo control
– Improved: Jog wheel touch response of vci-100 controller
– Improved: Year tag field can now be read from both TDRC and TYER frames
– Improved: Audio CD playback should work better now
– Improved: Search while typing works faster
– Fixed: Opening files from explorer using open with
– Fixed: Problem with using certain 24-bit ASIO inputs
– Fixed: Possible playlist search crash
– Fixed: Problem browsing network shares
– Fixed: Various issues with pitch bend for sampler
– Fixed: HC4500 display updated when returning from CD mode
– Fixed: Bug preventing 2 denon hs-5500’s to be used simultaneously
– Fixed: Turning on mic with BCD-2000 caused VST effect on deck 3 to be disabled
– Fixed: Small artefacts when resizing a skin
– Fixed: Deleting/Renaming cases using Case button
– Fixed: Preview player not working with DirectSound output




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