A Designs HM2 Compressor Nail available

There are rare times in the professional audio industry when a new piece of recording equipment comes to the market that is ahead of its time. A Designs Audio, Inc. believes the HM2 Compressor “Nail” is one of those pieces of recording equipment.


The Nail is offering endless possibilities in the control of compression and shaping the envelope with three features that set the Nail apart from other compressors, such as Hard Threshold, Filter and Mix. Due to the unique nature of the design, the Nail will take you to places you have not experienced before. But with all things new, there is a “learning curve”.

The NAIL is a Feedback, Diode baised design combined with tubes. This combination qualifies it to be a Hybrid. One feature that is missing is the Ratio setting control. It has been replaced with a “Variable Ratio”. This means that the ratio will change as the settings of the Threshold and Hard Threshold are changed along with the amount of gain reduction. You may, or may not, need to adjust Attack and Release, depending on what is sonically pleasing.

A Designs Audio Inc. considers the HM2 COMPRESSOR “NAIL” to be the last product to complete our signal chain, which ranges from the MP-2A, Tube Microphone Pre Amplifier, Pacifica, Solid State Pre Amplifier, and HM2EQ “HAMMER” Hybrid 3 Band Dual Mono EQ. All in a 19 inch rack mountable gear for both the Professional and Non Professional. And, as always, their products are Beta Tested to the max and then field tested.

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