Touch Ableton Live with Mu by JazzMutant

JazzMutant announce Mu for Lemur – controlling Ableton Live has never been easier, faster or more intuitive for the ultimate hands-on live performance and music production experience. JazzMutant’s Lemur has already established itself as the ultimate controller, pioneering multi-touch hands-on control and bridging the gap between man and machine in ways that have revolutionised music creation. Now with their new Mu plug-in JazzMutant is set to bring ultimate integration between the Lemur controller and Ableton Live.

Imagine turning off your computer screen and controlling Ableton Live completely and intuitively from a single multi-touch screen. With the new Mu software for the Lemur controller, that’s exactly what you can do.

Powered by Max for Live, Mu gives instant automatic integration with any Live set – even existing Live sets. There’s no programming to be done, simply drag and drop the Mu Max for Live Device on to the Master Track and the Lemur controller is ready to allow deeper integration with Live than has ever been possible before.

With just a tap of the finger Mu displays exactly what you need. A Clip Launcher shows the name, colour and the playing status of clips in your session. The Clip Launcher can also be dynamically resized to suit the way you work.

And for controlling all Live devices look no further than the Device Selector. Simply select any Live device from any track and Mu brings up a custom graphical interface that makes controlling multiple parameters quick, easy and totally intuitive. Interfaces have been custom designed for each device, or for the ultimate in flexibility why not create your own custom device controllers?

With Mu everything is plug and play. There’s no programming, no setting up – no knowledge of MIDI, Max MSP or assigning controllers is needed. Simply drag the Mu device on to the Master Track and Lemur instantly becomes the ultimate hands-on interface for the ultimate music creation software. Drag… drop… rock!

Mu is free for all existing Lemur owners and will be released the week following MusikMesse.

Main features:
• Instant auto-integration with any existing Live set – simply drag and drop the Mu Max for Live Device on to the Master track
• No programming or other MIDI knowledge required – the Mu Max templates and presets are all included and ready to go

• Comprehensive remote control allows you to perform with an instrument, not a computer
• Autodynamic Mapping means you’ll never have to assign MIDI ever again

Clip Launcher
• Clip launcher shows ALL relevant clip information – total hands-on control of Live without needing to look at your computer monitor
• Instantly resizeable clip launcher – you choose how many tracks and scenes to display


• Intuitive Live Audio Effects Matrix – select an effect simply by touching it
• Unique graphical interface for every audio effect – all effects aren’t born equal – use the prefect interface each time

• Use supplied effect interfaces or create and share your own – make effects interfaces that match your needs
• Building blocks allow for quick and easy custom programming – build your own custom interface for Live!





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