New Gotharman Synth – Anamono

Anamono is a monophonic analogue feedback synthesizer with build in fully programable and controlable granular effects processor, 2 analogue filters, an analogue output stage with VCA and overdrive, a unique newly engineered g-RAY analogue feedback synthesis system, 2 oscillators, a ringmodulator and many modulation sources, including 2 newly engineered and very flexible step-modulators. All of this packed in a small and compact box, that can be used everywhere. User-storage of 256 sound presets is possible.

– Monophonic analogue feedback synthesizer with build in granulator/delay effects.
– 2 oscillators with waveforms morphable from sine to triangle to saw to square to noise and with osc sync.
– 2 analogue filters – 1 multimode (lpf, bpf, hpf) and 1 bpf.
– 1 digital multimode filter.
– New Gotharman engineered analogue feedback circuit with g-RAY – NEW sound creating possibilities.
– Analogue VCA and overdrive – fully controllable.
– Fully programable and controllable 16-step step granulator – Delay/granulator times up to 1.5 second.
– Ring modulator, that can process both internal sounds and sound coming via the external audio input.
– External audio input lets you process any sound with Anamono’s filters, g-RAY feedback circuit, granulator/delay, ringmodulator and analogue overdrive.
– 2 envelopes and 2 step-modulators, all having 2 sets of settings, that can be morphed between, using any modulation source.
– 2 LFO’s with morphable waveforms and key-sync.
– 256 preset memory locations.
– All parameters controlable with MIDI NRPN numbers – Many direct with MIDI controller.
– PC editor will soon be available.

PRICE: EUR 529,-

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