Pioneer CDJ series Work in Concert with Scratch Live

Pioneer DJ today announced its collaboration with Serato Audio Research to ensure compatibility of the latest CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 professional series digital media players with the Scratch Live software. 

Pioneer’s CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 players (updated with firmware Version 3.10) will work in sync with the Scratch Live software Version 2.1 for intuitive and precise DJ performance using music files stored on a computer without the need for a timecode control disc.

“We’re enthusiastic in ensuring our products match what DJs are using for their performances, and since Scratch Live is one of the premier DJ software platforms today, we teamed up with Serato so that the advanced capabilities of our CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 multi-media players work seamlessly with their software,” said David Arevalo, senior marketing manager, Professional Sound and Visual Division for Pioneer Electronics (USA) Inc.

The interface will allow DJs to operate the Scratch Live Version 2.1 software without the need for a timecode control disc. Scratch Live functions will automatically link to the corresponding buttons and keys of the CDJ-2000/900 players when a computer running the Serato software and official Rane hardware is connected through the players’ USB connection. In addition, functions such as tempo adjustment, play/cue and loop can be made without a computer keyboard or mouse.

The built-in color displays of the Pioneer CDJ-2000/900 will also indicate detailed track information from the Scratch Live software. Text, album artwork (CDJ-2000 only), track overviews, cue/loop points and other information of a track will be shown on the CDJ-2000/900 color displays, resulting in a quick visual communication and enhanced DJ performance for the user. In addition, checking playback status and selecting tracks can all be done directly on the CDJ players, minimizing the need to browse through a computer screen.

The Version 3.10 firmware update for the CDJ-2000 and CDJ-900 to support the new Scratch Live Version 2.1 software is scheduled to be available on July 12, 2010 and will be a free download directly from Pioneer’s website, The free Scratch Live Version 2.1 software update compatible with the updated CDJ-2000/900 is scheduled to be released in the third quarter (Q3) of 2010 from Serato Audio Research.

Pioneer offers a complete line of professional DJ Equipment through its Professional Sound & Visual Division. Its DJM series of mixers has become an industry standard at clubs, studios, mobile rigs and homes around the world, known for its high quality sound and reliability. For more information, visit

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