Novation Dicer is now shipping worldwide

Novation is pleased to announce that Dicer, the controller for the digital DJ, is now shipping.

Dicer is a performance controller that’s seamlessly integrated with the cue-point and looping features of Serato Scratch Live. Supplied in pairs, the compact USB-powered devices are compatible with any Scratch Live setup, whether using turntables or CDJs. Dicer is the ultimate performance upgrade for Serato, and in fact for any digital DJ. With a pair of Dicers in your DJ setup, you can mash-up your beats on the fly, and create a unique performance every time you play. 

To complement the launch of Dicer, Serato have made available a public beta version of Scratch Live 2.1, which can be downloaded from users’ accounts. Scratch Live 2.1 automatically maps Dicer to key software functions and provides full LED feedback. Users of the current 2.0 software can control all cue-point and looping functions, but will need to use Scratch Live’s ‘MIDI learn’ function to assign Dicer’s pads to software controls.

Commenting on the launch of Dicer, Sam Gribben, Serato’s General Manager stated, “We’re very pleased to be kicking off our partnership with Novation with such a great product, and excited about our ideas for future collaborations.”

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