Symphony I/O new USB audio interface from Apogee

Apogee Electronics Corporation introduces Symphony I/O, the most advanced multi-channel professional audio interface available with next-generation sound quality, Logic and Pro Tools compatibility and total I/O flexibility. Perfecting the collaboration between Apogee audio hardware and the Mac, Symphony I/O is the culmination of 25 years of award-winning design experience featuring a unique modular based system which can function in StandAlone Mode or connect directly to a Mac via any Mac-based audio workstation. With Symphony I/O, the new Symphony System sets an unprecedented standard with ground-breaking digital audio conversion technology, new Maestro 2 software, multiple I/O options and ultra low latency performance.

With flexible and scalable I/O architecture, the upgraded Symphony System now allows end-users to define a system to their specific needs while benefitting from an incredible feature set. Symphony I/O’s base chassis can accommodate up to 2 I/O modules, creating any combination of analog and digital I/O with USB 2.0, Symphony and Avid’s Pro Tools connectivity. The new Maestro 2 offers integral control of Symphony I/O with clean and clear software interface that makes workflow easy by removing the guesswork from routing, mic pre adjustment, input and output calibration and hardware control. Lastly, connect Symphony I/O to the Symphony 64 PCI or Symphony Mobile Express/34 card for ultra low latency with Apple Logic, and all Apple Core Audio applications.

The new Symphony System offers an unparalleled option for professionals serious about the quality of their recordings, all at remarkably affordable pricing. “Symphony I/O takes Apogee’s high-end to the next level, and does so with an interface so adaptable, so efficient, so extraordinary, we are confident it will become the centerpiece of the modern audio recording studio,” says Apogee CEO and Founder Betty Bennett. “For professionals who depend on extremely low-latency, precise clocking technology and the highest conversion quality, Symphony I/O is the answer.”

Simply the best sounding interface Apogee has ever made

  • The culmination of 25 years of Apogee’s design excellence and experience
  • Next generation converter quality
  • Refined and updated circuitry with fewer, more advanced components:
    • Less components means a shorter audio path and more recording clarity and transparency
    • Lower converter latency
    • More efficient power distribution
    • Enhanced C777 clocking performance
  • “Sound Amazing” remixed and remastered
  • Optional mic preamp module
  • Front panel control of headphone and output levels


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