Novation back with a bang – UltraNova Videos

The ‘Nova‘ family was born in 1998 with the Supernova, which was the first of a series of powerful synthesisers. These quickly became industry standard ‘big-synths’ which are still used by countless artists and sound designers. UltraNova is the latest addition to the family bringing the range right up to date with a host of new features and a more affordable price tag.

Below we have made a playlist at Youtube of the UltraNova videos. First video is of Chuckie, Fabian and Silvio who check out the new Novation UltraNova. Later this year they will release a sound pack for the UltraNova. The other videos show us specific functions of this new synth: the patch browser, the synth engine, the animate and touch-sense performance and the built-in USB-Audio interface.

UltraNova is a ‘Nova’ series analogue-modelling synthesizer with a powerful effects processor. It is a single-part synth taking the legendary Supernova II synth engine as a starting point and packing it with the latest technology. It now has brand new features including wavetable synthesis, even more powerful filters, a software editor and a revolutionary new touch-sense performance mode.



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