Pioneer DJM-2000 – Gearjunkies Review Part 2 – Video

In part one of our Pioneer DJM-2000 review we told you how much we loved this machine. For us it is the ‘missing link’ to the CDJ-2000. When you connect the DJM-2000 with the CDJ’s through the PRODJ protocol, these devices will function as one. The DJM is packed with so many features that anyone can use/create their own style on it. Our team member Wytse Gerichhausen, who wrote the review, took the DJM by the hand and made this cool video. He made this video as a visual overview of what this ‘baby’ can do. Particularly the effects and the use of the touchscreen of this mixer. …. It was a sad day at the office when we had to return this review unit!


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