Pioneer introduce S-DJ Active Reference Speakers

Pioneer is proud to introduce its first active reference speakers designed specifically with DJ/Producers in mind. The studio friendly S-DJ08 (8-inch) is available from late December and the smaller all round DJ lifestyle choice S-DJ05 (5 inch) from early January 2011. Both models come as a pair. Harnessing our long-standing history of speaker production, the S-DJ08 and S-DJ05 deliver accurate, neutral sound that professionals can rely on – while their innovative features make them adaptable for all your studio roles.

Control settings externally
Whether you are DJing, producing music or auditioning tracks, the S-DJs deliver the high-quality sound you would expect from Pioneer. A built-in linear equalizer enables you to fine-tune the frequency to suit your activity, while a unique input switching function enables effortless movement between four separate sources. Plus these are the first speakers that can change settings using an external manual controller.

Tested and perfected by renowned international DJs including Steve Mac and Paul Woolford, the S-DJs boast the clarity, quality and flexibility to meet the demands of today’s DJ-come-producer. And with their sleek design and gun metal woofer and controller, they are the ideal addition to your studio.

Key features
Loaded with technology to ensure perfect sound reproduction – To achieve accurate reproduction of the original source, and robust low frequency sound, the S-DJs are equipped with a 10cm high-force magnet and a low resonance chimney-style heat sink.

The speakers connect your music production and DJ set-ups directly to an integrated bi-amp circuit, which drives the tweeter and woofer independently, ensuring perfect clarity and no loss of quality.

The first studio speakers to enable changes in settings through one controller – The S-DJ08 and S-DJ05 are the first speakers to allow DJs and producers to control their settings at the touch of a button. The elegant controller lets you adjust the volume, mute the speakers, switch audio inputs and turn the EQ on and off from one remote location. And joining the speakers together with a link cable means any adjustments need only be made once.

Built-in linear equaliser takes away the hassle of a sub-mixer – The speakers’ built-in linear equalizer adjusts the frequency characteristics in the low and high bands from -6 dB to +6dB, without the added expense of a sub-mixer. Whether you are DJing, creating, or listening to music, the S-DJs let you fine-tune the sound to suit your needs. Compare your latest productions in the mix by switching to your decks and mixing them with released material, then switch on the EQ to recreate the characteristics of hi-fi speakers and the big club sound.

Unrivalled flexibility through four-input switching – The S-DJs are the only speakers to enable switching between four audio terminals. The speakers can adapt to any home studio situation, so you can alternate between computers, DJ equipment and other devices without the inconvenience of reconnecting.

Total mute function to preserve volume settings as a frame of reference – Unlike competitor speakers, which tend to offer only partial mute, the S-DJs feature a total mute option. This allows DJs and producers to mute the sound without adjusting the volume – so you can easily return to mixing or creating tracks at your preferred volume settings, preserving your frame of reference.

Tweeter and sound axis control delivers a wide sweet spot – The waveguide shape of the tweeter and sound axis control guarantee wide directivity, so you pick up the high-quality sounds wherever you are positioned.

Other features include:

  • Blue LED display on front of speaker indicates input source, EQ and power on or off.
  • Screw holes in the speaker base are fitted for installation purposes.
  • Environmentally friendly auto-standby function switches the units to standby mode when no input or usage is detected for over 60 minutes.



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