Amazona.DE unveils concept analog synth TYRELL

The guys (and girls) at online magazine had this crazy idea. “What about we make our own analog, polyphonic Hardware-Synthesizer?” And that’s what they have been doing for this past year. With this project they tried to nutch the Industry in developing a new ployphonic analog synth again. TYRELL was born!

Yep here it is, …. TYRELL! However still only in its virtual form. So to be clear, the TYRELL is NOT available for purchase. But the pictures aren’t just really smart 3D renderings. Nope. The project has been worked out to the smalles details. The only thing that is missing at the moment is … a producer/manufacturer.

At the moment is rallying up their readers and also anyone else who has a soft spot for Analog Synths to promote this project wherever they can. Twitter, Facebook, user forums, etc. Maybe they can create such a ‘BUZZ’ that the TYRELL will evolve from just a virtual concept to a real-life hardware synthesizer.

If you want to read more about the TYRELL project, you can check out the website, however it is in German!


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