DirectEMX VST Editor for your Korg Electribe MX

DirectEMX is a VSTi MIDI plug-in that allows you to control in real-time every sound shaping parameters of the Korg EMX-1 Music production station in your DAW. Programming your own patches with DirectEMX is really easy as every single parameter is well arranged (like on the original EMX) and directly accessible from a clean interface. As a benefit of the host integration, DirectEMX provides an incredible feature set including total recall and parameters automation, combined with the power, stability and punchy sound of the EMX.

The DirectEMX features are:
– Control and automation of all the EMX parameters from your DAW. That includes Synth, drum and common/fx parts.
– Pattern import/export in fxb/fxp standard format.
– Reception of pattern bank sysex dumps, that makes it possible to import all the internal patterns of the EMX in DirectEMX.

With DirectEMX you can use your EMX like a Virtual instrument in Cubase, live, fl studio…

You’ll be able to:
– Save/Load your project without worrying about the state of the EMX, the plugin will ensure the sync.
– Automate all the parameters to create new evolving sounds easily. Why not simulating an LFO on your filter cutoff for example?
– Copy/paste parts or patterns
– Use a clean interface that shows the “real” knob values. That includes the mix view and oscillator model shape, while keeping the same approach as the original hardware.
– See the knobs movements in real time, for the host automation but also for the EMX internal motion sequences.
– Edit and reverse-engineer patch more easily.

DirectEMX is available now on Windows for 25€. A demo version makes it possible to test all the features but with restrictions, it can be downloaded at


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