VERMONA Mono Lancet Modular Dock available

The Modular Dock is the connection between the Mono Lancet and your modular system. It can be your start into the modular world as well as a great expansion for the modules you already have. The “Modular Dock“ is an optional extension for the analog synthesizer “Mono Lancet” by VERMONA. It comes in form of a 3HE eurorack module (22 HP).

Among others the module features CV inputs for oscillator and filter frequencies and adds pulsewidth modulation to the Mono Lancet. The synthesizers 24db lowpass filter can now be feed  with external signals.

Main features:

  • audio output per VCO
  • CV input for frequency- and pulsewidth-modulation with attenuator per VCO
  • filter input
  • CV input with attenuator for VCF and VCA
  • CV/Gate output (1V/octave – use the Mono Lancet as MIDI-to-CV converter)
  • 3U eurorack module, 22HP

Price Information: EU Retail: EUR 165,00 (incl. 19% VAT).



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