Korg sets the Monotron free for Circuit Bending

By ways of great exception Korg has released the schematics of their little Monotron synthesizer. Allthough this little cuty was being hacked the day it came out, now there is an official schematic to follow. As the Monotron is a complete analog synth it is ideal for ‘circuit bending’.

Furthermore, with the price of a Monotron low enough it lets users experiment with it without the fear of going bankrupt if the ‘experiment’ fails! The Monotron seems to be popular as well with the educational institutes. Mainly because the Monotron is so easy to modify/repair (fully analog circuitry), giving students a good insight and making it ideal for school. How about that!?

Well, there is one warning Korg is handing out. If you choose to start an ‘experiment’ with your Monotron beware of the fact that any full factory warranty expires. So circuit bend at your own risk!

Korg Monotron Schematics


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