Wisseloord Studios – A new concept with an old soul

Originally started as the ‘in-house’ recording studios of the Philips Electronics company in 1978, the Wisseloord Studios in Hilversum grew to become one of the best recording facilities in Europe. Many famous artists recorded tracks here at one moment in time: ELO, Elton John, The Police, Scorpions, The Rolling Stones and Michael Jackson, to name just a few. However, in 2005 the studio started having financial problems which finally resulted in a bankrupcy in 2009.

However, the good news is that the Wisseloord Studios are re-opening June 2011. The new magament team consists of Ronald Prent, Darcy Proper and Paul Reynolds. The team will be extended with professionals from the industry, but for obvious reasons their names cannot yet be released.

Wisseloord Studios is being rebuilt and restyled. Every part of the studio will be designed and built to the highest standards, matching the level of the equipment they’ll put in it and the team that will be using it. They strive for the best.

Later Wisseloord Studios will give more detailed listings of the setup of each studio but for now they can say that studio 1 will be digitally based (with analogue side car), working around a Euphonix console. Studio 2 will be full analogue (with digital capabilities in parallel), based around and API vision console.

Reopening Wisseloord Studios has stirred enthusiasm and excitement. Not just in he new team behind Wisseloord, but the top of the industry shares our ideas and determination too. As do artists, producers, engineers and managers. The Wisseloord Family is now a fact. Their enabling partners, friends to them, supply the tools needed to deliver the best results. Results that will put Wisseloord again where it once was: at the very top. Their partners are 6 key industry players who will participate in this joint press event: API, Prism Sound, PMC, AVID (Euphonix), SPL and EgglestonWorks.

Wisseloord Studios


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