Public Records – Promoting Undiscovered Talent

Public Records is at They are a digital record label aimed at promoting undiscovered talent. Public Records are open to all types of electronic music. In the introductory video below explaining how to use Public Records, you will learn about the main areas of the Public Records website. Unsigned artists can make use of Public Records to gain exposure, get public feedback on their music, and release their music.

Public Records was set up for the specific purpose of providing talented and undiscovered artists with an effective platform to launch their careers.

The site makes use of social media tools so that user votes and feedback are easily and seamlessly spread across the web, promoting your music to an untapped audience during the voting stage. Even if your submitted tracks aren’t ultimately signed Public Records will help spread your music across social networks and draw new attention to your music, increasing your profile. they also make use of key partnerships to ensure that if you do release with us, your music gets out there.


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