Liquid Channel Perfects Carl Coxs Live Mix

My Liquid Channels are transparent but warm and big in their sound and, as testament to their quality, our FOH engineer said it was the first time in his career that he didn’t need to add any EQ or processing!” remarks Carl Cox, a DJ who needs no introduction. 

A pair of the hardware processors acts as the last stage in his chain, before the signal from the stage hits the enormous PA system, whether he’s playing a beach party in Miami, a superclub in Berlin, or a global music festival. “They fit the bill perfectly. They are the solid final link in my audio chain for my live show, something that gives me a sonic edge. EQ, compression, limiting: you just set it and forget it.”

Cox is no stranger to the DJ booth, and has picked up numerous accolades in his tremendous career. After picking up his first pair of turntables at age 15, he was the soundtrack to the raves of the late ’80s and early ’90s, pioneering three-deck mixing. He was the first ever winner of DJ Magazine’s Top 100 poll in 1997, and he still packs venues worldwide. But he also has serious studio chops, with three albums, countless singles and a glut of remixes to his name.

The definition of the happy customer, Carl’s hooked on the Liquid Channel. In his own words: “the Liquid Channels will be rocking the Carl Cox Live Show for some time to come!


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