Propellerhead Reason and Record – 52 Tips and Tricks

Just one year ago James Bernard set himself the challenge to produce a video with tips and/or tricks each week for Reason and Record users. And he delivered! 52 weeks long he published a video per week. Last week he published the final 52nd video of the whole series. Nothing else to do for you then to take all that knowledge of these past 52 weeks and use for good!

In his own words: “It’s hard to believe it’s been 52 Tips already but now we’ve all got the Reason/Record chops to prove it! For those of you who have been with me since week one, I’m so proud you came all this way with me. For those of you just coming into the series, boy do you have more goodies to find in our past episodes!

In this final week’s Tip I’m going to show you around Thor’s final sections: The Modulation Bus and Step Sequencer. With these sections under your belt you’ll have completed my multi-week “Synth School” series and hopefully be able to approach custom synth sound design with a whole new bag of tricks.

Now there’s nothing else to do but to get out there, use this knowledge, and start making more music than ever before!!!

Below is the final video of the series:

If you want you can start at video 1, and work your way up to video 52. Have fun!


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