SPL Neos high-end 120 volt mixer unveiled

SPL releases a new high-end mixer and/or summing box, NEOS. It has 12 faders for each stereo or mono channel and a master fader. It has inserts for the master channel for mastering processors. Using 120 volt technique it has a higher dynamic range (> 125 dB) and a lower noise threshold (-100dB) than its immediate competitors. It also has a mono, +30dB gain, cut, listen and solo option for every channel. At the master section you can select the mute, dim, mono, tape mix and master insert option.  It also has a bend option but for now this remains a mystery. This high-end mixer comes at a high-end price 9899 euro. This price indicates that it is aimed at the pro users who like to record their hardware into a DAW and/or to mix their software out of the box.


  • 24 channel mixing and monitoring console

  • Compact 19 ”/7 U housing format

  • Chain as many NEOS as you like

  • Ultimate mixing quality

  • Ultimate monitoring quality

  • Designed and handcrafted in Germany



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