DigiTech JamMan Delay – Looping to the Next Level

For only $50 more than their best selling JamMan Stereo, you can get a full function programmable syncable multi delay – The JamMan Delay. The best of both worlds – Looping & Delay. The signature JamMan name provides 35 minutes of built-in memory, 99 internal loop memories, and an SD card expansion slot for an additional 99 loops and over 16 hours of stereo loop storage, along with USB connectivity and free access to JamManager™ looper library software. The delay has 3 fully programmable preset memories with dedicated footswitches and a palette of 8 delay types, 16 seconds of delay time, a tap tempo footswitch, and full morphing of the delay controls via the expression input.


  • Cost savings: full featured delay for half the price!
  • Sync your delays and loops
  • CD Quality Audio
  • 16 Hours of looping



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