SM Pro Audio Introduces CQ15 and CQ31 EQ-Compressors

SM Pro Audio introduces two new solid and versatile pieces that combine multi-band graphic equalization with lightning fast compression. Available in two models, the CQ15 dual 15-band and the CQ31 single 31-band, the units deliver precision control of multiple bands of equalization plus optical compression, providing dynamics and EQ control in a single unit.

The CQ15 and CQ31 are ideally suited for a variety of applications, including live and installed sound. Thanks to the unique pairing of two workhorse utilities, bass players, keyboardists, and DJs, will also find them invaluable additions to their rigs.

Each of the CQ15’s two channels features 15 bands (2/3-octave) of EQ with selectable ±6dB/±12dB range. The compressors—one per channel and available pre- or post-EQ (and featuring true circuit bypass)—are designed to address a variety of tasks, from harnessing troublesome peaks to putting a tight low end on a stereo DJ mix.

When finer band-resolution is required, the CQ31 offers a full 31 bands (1/3-octave) of EQ with selectable ±6dB/±12dB range, again, topped off by a fully adjustable optical compressor.

Features include:
• Selectable ±6dB/±12dB Fader Range per Channel
• Optical Compressor per Channel, w/ Adjustable Input Level, Comp Amount, Attack, and Release
• Selectable Pre-EQ/Post-EQ Compressor Operation
• 80Hz Low Cut Filter (per Channel)

Ins and Outs (the CQ31 features one of each while the CQ15 features two):
• Balanced XLR Input(s)
• Balanced 1/4” TRS Input(s)
• Balanced XLR Output(s)
• Balanced 1/4” TRS Output(s)
• Euro Block Input / Output

Each CQ model has an estimated street price of $299.99. Find out more at


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