Sound Temple Studios Install SSL Matrix and Alpha-Link

Solid State Logic, the world’s leading manufacturer of analogue and digital audio consoles, is pleased to announce that Sound Temple Studios has installed a Solid State Logic Matrix console and Alpha-Link audio converters. The North Carolina-based studio was only completed last year but is already making a big impact, thanks to its incredible design and bespoke facilities.

The name ‘Sound Temple’ is quite representative of the vibe,” explains studio owner Robert George. “It was designed and built as a sacred place to make music as well as a world-class recording studio. I employed Wes Lachot for the project, who some consider as the Jedi of studio design – he has quite a reputation! He is in to Feng Shui and there is a clockwise flow of energy when you are making music here that people feel and appreciate.

At Sound Temple’s heart Robert has installed an SSL Matrix, which he considers a big attraction for the studio’s fast-growing client list. “For one thing, I needed a draw to the studio,” he explains. “The first question people ask is ‘what sort of console or workstation do you have?’, so having a console that people are going to want to work on was on the top of my list for Sound Temple. Having an SSL was the obvious choice and Matrix has the right price point, it has the right features, it’s an amazing controller and it’s just flawless – it really is bullet proof.

I haven’t exhausted all of the features yet,” Robert continues, “but it has integrated great in the studio and does exactly what I want it to do. One feature I use all of the time is the zero-latency monitoring, which is very cool, but I guess the best feature really is the sound. Hearing a mix through the Matrix, mixing through the Matrix and tracking through the Matrix gives me the sound that a record needs to have.”

As well as mixing, Robert has been utlising Matrix’s extensive controller capabilities. “I use Pro Tools a little but I’m more of a Nuendo/Cubase guy. One of the things that is really cool about Matrix is that you can have both programs up on the computer at the same time and by pushing one button you can control Pro Tools, hit another button and all the control keys instantly map over to Cubase.”

Robert has also installed SSL’s Alpha-Link audio converters and is enjoying the many benefits that this brings to Sound Temple Studios. “I have the Alpha-Link with the Lightpipe connectors and soundcard (MADI Xtreme) and it works great,” he says. “The converters sound fabulous, you don’t need an external clock with them – they sound just as good with or without, which says something for their design. There’s lots of I/O and it all travels down Lightpipe, which is very convenient and very inexpensive.”



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