OneSheet – The simplest web presence for a band … ever!

Musicians constantly have to direct fans from service to service and from used-to-be-awesome social network to is-now-awesome social network. It’s confusing to them and their fans. Enter Onesheet.

Onesheet allows musicians to set up a web presence in minutes using content from other websites they’re already updating. They simply connect their existing social networks and services immediately have a website full of content already posted across the web: music, videos, photos, concert dates, blogs, social streams, mailing list signups, online stores and more.

Onesheet is made by Brenden Mulligan, music industry veteran and founder of ArtistData, the premier syndication tool for musicians to post information across the web. With Onesheet, the aim is to create a beautiful web presence that is automatically maintained by the use of other services.

Watch a quick overview of how to set up a Onesheet, the simplest band web presence, ever.


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