Free Dino Soldo Soundpack for Novation UltraNova Released

Novation proudly present the latest free Soundpack for Novation’s UltraNova synthesizer, developed by multi-instrumentalist and musical genius Dino Soldo (credits include Leonard Cohen, Lionel Richie and Beyoncé.)

SoldoUltraNovaSoundpack by Dino Soldo

The soundpack is for players who want to play; Dino’s sounds beg you touch UltraNova’s keys, use your expression pedal and free your hands to create. While most sounds also utilise UltraNova’s extensive touch controls giving you the freedom of a one-finger rocker, all you need is the mod wheel and your foot to move massive amounts of colour in your performance.

Dino was first attracted to UltraNova through Novation’s range of controller keyboards. “They strike the perfect balance; doing what no other company does in its class by providing an excellent feel to every model of keyboard they have. I always know that Novation has my back when it comes to getting a consistent performance.” With this underlying quality and reputation, Dino is empowered to create, “sound design in real time has once again become a reality for me. Now my hands can tweak till my brain explodes! UltraNova’s editor/librarian lets me know how things are going and where I can find all of my sounds easily, and I don’t have to take my mouth, hands or feet away from making music. It’s been quite a trip to use the vocoding tools for tweaking my harmonica sound. I keep giving UltraNova my dumb ideas and, like an alchemist, it keeps turning those ideas into gold!”

The Dino Soldo Soundpack for UltraNova is available for free here:


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