Vestax VCI-400 DJ Controller Arrived at Gearjunkies HQ

Well, finally here it is. The new Vestax VCI-400 DJ Controller arrived at our ‘techlab’. Marc had to get it himself at the Dutch distributor as the VCI-400 is one of the rare two that are in this country at the moment. The risk of sending it by courier was even not desireable. But we didn’t mind, we just wanted it here as soon as possible. And … yes, if you were wondering, the VCI-400 does look the part. Its design is pretty impressive.

The Vestax VCI-400 works with any DJ software that has a MIDI learn function. Having more than 200 assignable parameters (knobs, faders and buttons), you will have plenty of room to fit in all necessary controls of the software you use.” That’s what the marketing people from Vestax say, but in the near future we will tell your ourselves what we think of this new controller. Marc will have a go at it and also our new reviewer (DJ Gear) Paul Hellings will get into the details of the VCI-400 and let you know with a full review.

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