Something for the Weekend: Live electronica: rozz3r – Waiting for a Storm

Finally I found something nice for another “Something For The Weekend” post again. Thanks to the Dave Smith Twitter feed I came across this really nice video of rozz3r doing a live ‘electronica’ jam. Watching and listening to “Waiting for a storm” I remembered why we originally started Gearjunkies. The love for analog gear (back in the day!). I love this because in this world where more and more is being replaced with software, there’s still time for some real fun.

All recorded via the Soundtracs Topaz to Presonus Studio One. Some minor tweaks and a couple of edits after recording.

Gear used:

Korg ER-1: Drums (through 1176 compressor)
Moog Little Phatty: Bass
Suzuki SX-500: Melody 1
Yamaha TG-33: Melody 2
DSI Evolver: Melody 3
Eurorack Modular: Crazy blip sequences
Eventide Space: Reverb
Eventide TimeFactor: Delay
Kurzweil Mangler: Big dubby falling delay



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