And The Technical Grammy goes to… Celemony!

Cause for great joy at Celemony: the Recording Academy has announced that the Munich software house (“Melodyne”) will be honored in February 2012 with the Technical Grammy. The Technical Grammy is one of the most important international awards and is awarded to individuals and companies who have made contributions of outstanding technical significance to the recording field.

The German-based company Celemony was founded in 2000 by Peter Neubäcker, Dr. Hildegard Sourgens and Casrsten Gehle. The company specializes in the digital audio pitch-correction software known as Melodyne. The tool is used in studios to tune and manipulate audio signals, including a singer’s vocals, or as an aid to the creation of backing vocals from an existing lead vocal. In 2008 Celemony debuted Direct Note Access, which allows independent manipulation of individual notes with chords and polyphonic recordings. The following year, Melodyne Editor won a Musikmesse International Press Award for Most Innovative Product.

Sony/Philips, Apple, Neumann, Digidesign, AMS Neve, SSL, Dr. Bob Moog, Leo Fender en Roger Linn are early company’s/persons who won a Technical Grammy Award.



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