Der OTO – Firmware Upgrade for Biscuit FX Processor

OTO MACHINES introduces “Der OTO“, a new firmware update for its BISCUIT FX processor. Der OTO turns Biscuit into a 2 oscillators monosynth with a 16 step sequencer, for FREE!


– 2 oscillators with Saw, Square, Sine, FM, Noise,
– Glide and detune,
– One Envelope Generator (Mod to Filter and Pitch) with Attack, Decay and Sustain pots,
– One LFO with Triangle, Square and S/H waves (Mod to Filter and Pitch),
– AM Mod, Swap, XOR, bit-reducer FX,
– 16 step sequencer (Tap or MIDI sync) with transpose: Note, Length, Accent (with Master pot) and Glide on each step,
– 8 user Synth presets and 8 user Sequencer presets,
– 8 Synth factory presets,
– Key combination to easily switch between Biscuit and Synth mode.

You can buy a special overlay and make your own one.

OTO Machines




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