Elektron introduces ECC -2 Carry Bag and PL-1 Protective Lid

Elektron Music Machines introduces the custom Elektron Carry Bag. Accommodating an Octatrack or a Machinedrum/Monomachine (both MKI/MKII versions) unit, it offers the ultimate protection for Elektron gear. Bundled with the bag is the PL-1 protective cover. Place the lid on top of an Elektron machine and all knobs and buttons will be safe during transportation. The PL-1 protective cover can also be bought separately. 

Extra! Until 10th of March all Octatrack/Machinedrum/Monomachine direct orders will come with a free Elektron ECC-2 Carry Bag + PL-1 cover. Read more about the Carry Bag and the Protective Lid in the Elektron Online Shop.



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