Elektron Feature Loopdrape (Japan)

The songs emanating from the mind of the Japan based producer Loopdrape are old school, yet strangely modern. You get the impression that each sound is carefully selected to fill a distinct purpose and it’s next to impossible to not be sucked in by the hypnotic feel of tracks like Jiwlvld or Pulsedroid.

For how long have you been making music and what inspires you?
It’s been ten years since I started getting into electronic music making. If not limited to electronic music, I’ve been active making music for fifteen years. I get inspired from things I experience in my daily life, things I talk about with my mates and movies I see.

How is the electronic music scene in Japan doing? Do you think there is a certain “Japanese sound”?
To be honest, as a result of my home town being far away from Tokyo, I do not really know what’s going on in the scene. The musicians around me have created their own characteristics, sounds and styles. They resemble nothing.

What is your preferred process of work, how do you go on composing a song?
I usually only work with the Monomachine and the Octatrack in the track making process. In the recording process, a laptop is also used.

First, I record either a melody pattern or a beat pattern by using the Monomachine. I then keep playing the pattern over and over again. The other parts of the song then come naturally, so the next thing to do is just to simply record it. The Monomachine is so awesomely useful. The quality of the sounds is of course great, but the functionality of the sequencer is unbelievable. It enables me to do sound making by instinct.

After completing most of a song on the Monomachine, I sample each track with the Octatrack and rebuild the song from there.


Jiwlvld by loopdrape




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