Elektron Octatrack OS 1.2. Now Available

Elektron has released OS 1.2 for the Octatrack. This major OS update adds, among other things, the Pickup machines. Pickup machines make the Octatrack function as a looper. Record, overdub, loop, reverse, time stretch and pitch shift loops on the fly. Automatic sequencer to loop sync makes it easy to blend pre-programmed Octatrack patterns with recorded takes. Pickup machines are great tools for guitarists, beat boxers, DJs and in general anyone wanting to experiment with loops.

For a detailed tutorial on how to use the Pickup machines, Elektron has uploaded Octatrack Know-How #8. It can be seen below:

To celebrate the release of the OS 1.2, all Octatracks sold and registered until the end of July 2012 will come with three sample packs, assembled by audio content creators Loopmasters. The Octa Pak bundle is specifically made for the Octatrack and normally retails for 120 USD/90 EUR.

Octatrack OS 1.2 is available for download from the Elektron website. As always, the OS update is completely free of charge. Download the OS including full release notes at www.elektron.se



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