Something For The Weekend: Zachary Bennoui Taibi with Reason

From now on, … no-one is allowed to ever complain again (ever!) on a GUI or lay out that isn’t good enough for you. Watch the video and you will understand why we are saying this. The video below is really amazing and for us inspiring. Why? Well because this kid, Zachary Bennoui Taibi shows us how to make beats (and a song) with Propellerhead Reason. Maybe this isn’t that amazing at all, you think. There are lots of young talents showing the older generation (us) a thing or two when it comes to music production. However the story continues, because Zachary is blind! With the help of a screen reader for the blind he uses Reason faster then I do. Really, this is truly amazing and wonderful to watch.

Zachary Bennoui Taibi will take you through the steps of composing music with the free screen reader System Access and Propellerhead Reason 6 software by:

1.) Laying the foundation of your track by creating a chord progression for keyboard with the Reason Soul School Refill
2.) Adding percussion loops with Dr. Octo Rex Loop Player
3.) Tweaking your sounds with a Novation SLK MKII Automap controller
4.) Playing in drums with the free Reason Drum Kits 2.0 Refill
5.) Applying Compression with the M-Class Compressor to make sounds louder
6.) Playing a Guitar solo onto your composition using the NN-XT Advanced Sampler
7.) Creating and sampling sounds from scratch using the free audio editor Wavepad!!!
8.) Applying Combinator effects presets

Many thanks to Beatshop Labs for this video.




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