Something For The Weekend: Roger Linn Ideas that never made it!

Normally we show you an interesting video on something that we think is interesting to watch. However this week we have something very interesting but just not on video. Below are some renderings and images of some product ideas by Roger Linn that for various reasons never made it to production.

Modular Control Surface

A Modular Control Surface, designed to let anyone create a custom control arrangement by plugging a variety of available modules into a chassis, including buttons, sliders, pots, rotary encoders, drum pads, trackpads and more.

Modular Guitar Amp & Effects System

A Modular Guitar Amp & Effects System, intended to combine the functions of a 1) tabletop effects processor, 2) a floorboard effects processor and 3) a portable integrated guitar amplifier into one interchangeable set of modular components. This one was discussed with the CME company of China.

LinnDrum Surface

A drumbeat-oriented control surface for use with computer. At right is the same surface built into a Windows-based computer. Note the pressure- and position-sensitive touch sliders that eventually made their way into Tempest. This one was something Dave Smith and I considered on the way to Tempest.


Another drum machine design that didn’t made it.

Check out a few more ‘shelved products‘ from Roger Linn here.





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