New Apogee Symphony I/O Configurations and Pricing Available

Apogee Electronics is pleased to announce Symphony I/O, the company’s flagship audio interface, is now available in select configurations at incredible new prices. Introduced in July 2010, Symphony I/O quickly became the industry standard for professional multi-channel recording. Now in its third successful year, Apogee has the opportunity to realize the benefits of higher production volumes and lower costs and pass the savings on to its customers. Additionally, the new pricing and configuration structure will simplify the customer buying experience with clear, scalable choices.

Four Configurations

Symphony I/O is now offered in four configurations with the ability to expand using one of the five available I/O Modules. Configurations include; Symphony I/O 2×6, Symphony I/O 8×8, Symphony I/O 16×16, Symphony I/O 8×8+8MP. These four configurations offer the perfect starting point when purchasing Symphony I/O. With each configuration, customers have the ability to easily expand with up to fourteen possible combinations maxing out at 32×32 Analog I/O in a single Symphony I/O.

New Pricing

Symphony I/O’s new pricing structure offers exceptional savings to Symphony I/O customers looking to expand their configuration. The 16×16 Analog I/O Module receives a price reduction from $3495 to $2995 and the 8 Mic Preamp Module from $1995 to $1495. At $1495, the 8 Mic Preamp Module delivers a $186.88 cost per channel creating unprecedented value for a professional recording interface.

New Configurations and Pricing
• Symphony 2×6 Configuration – Symphony I/O Chassis + 2×6 Analog I/O Module Price: $1995
• Symphony 8×8 Configuration – Symphony I/O Chassis + 8×8 Analog I/O Module Price: $2995
• Symphony 16×16 Configuration – Symphony I/O Chassis + 16×16 Analog I/O Module Price: $3995
• Symphony 8×8 + 8 Mic Preamps Configuration – Symphony I/O Chassis + 8×8 Analog I/O Module + 8 Mic Preamp Module Price: $4490

Available I/O Modules
• 2×6 Analog I/O + 8×8 Optical + AES I/O (only available in configuration)
• 8 Analog I/O + 8 AES/Optical I/O Module – $1995
• 16×16 Analog I/O Module – $2995
• 16 Analog IN + 16 Optical OUT – $1995
• 16 Analog OUT + 16 Optical IN – $1995 • 8 Mic Preamp – $1495

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