Nektar Panorama adds new Rack Extension Control

Nektar announced the release of Panorama P4 support for 14 new Reason Rack Extensions, taking the total of supported RE’s up to 38 in total. The Panorama P4 has quickly become known as the ultimate keyboard controller choice for Reason users and the most complete integrated controller experience on the market. For musicians who are looking for advanced control and integrated workflow, Panorama is the instrument that makes Reason playable like a hardware keyboard workstation. This new release now further cements this position and shows Nektar’s continued dedication to the Reason platform. 

The list of the 14 newly supported RE’s includes:

DR-1 Deep Reverb  by  Synapse Audio

Uhbik-A  by  U-He

Echobode by Sonic Charge

Renoun by Unfiltered Audio

ReStereo by Numerical Sound

Shelob by Jiggery Pokery

Env Shaper by FXpansion

Uhbik-Q by U-He

VoltCB1 by Zvork

Uhbik-F by U-He

Yoko by Unfiltered Audio

Glitch by Ochen K.

PredatorRE by Rob Papen

Probability Drum Trigger by Ochen K.

Taking Control

With almost 1500 parameters that needed to be logically mapped for easy navigation, Rob Papen’s PredatoRE was a real challenge to get right. The Panorama P4 now delivers control over all PredatoRE’s parameters including the modulation routing and arpeggiator/sequencer. The result is an intuitive tactile experience of one of the most amazing virtual instruments on the market in the powerful Reason environment.  The Panorama P4 RE update is now part of the integrated installer package on the Nektar website and can be downloaded for free by existing and new users.

Nektar Panorama P4 is available in stores worldwide for Msrp US$ 599.99 Anticipated street price US$ 499.99. In the UK Panorama retails for £ 349,-. In the Euro zone Panorama retails for Euro 449,-



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