Something For The Weekend: Piano Premier – Steinway Sample Library

Normally a “Something For The Weekend” post shows us some nice video of something that intrigued us, made us laugh, interested us, or just something that is cool. Today we show you a video of a new product. Normally we wouldn’t do that because it isn’t supposed to be a ‘product’ post. However the accompanying video is just so wonderfull that we decided to post it here anyway.

PIANO Premier – STEINWAY Acoustic Piano Library

The video is posted by Rhodes Premier who recently have released a Steinway piano sample library. Minako Suzuki plays Clair de Lune by Debussy and she does that so well, that it almost enchanted us. We had the video on repeat this morning and maybe because we had the first snow of the year here in the Netherlands, the video became the perfect soundtrack for our view outside our windows.

Just watch the video and maybe it will enchant you as well. Enjoy!




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