Lauflicht Step Sequencer 3 available now

Lauflicht have announced that a new version of the step sequencer plugin is available. The greatest new features are the multiple Novation Launchpads support and the pattern load and mix mode.

Up to 4 Launchpads

If more than one Launchpad is connected to the computer, the plugin will detect all Launchpads automatically and cascade them to one big hardware step sequencer. Two Launchpads will result into a hardware 16 step sequencer and four Launchpads will result into a hardware 32 step sequencer. With the different note resolution modes and unlimited tracks this setup leads to a huge level of granularity and in-depth step sequencing.

The pattern load mode enhances the variety of sequencing in live situations. While the current pattern plays, it is possible to switch between up to 16 different patterns instantly by pressing an appropriate button on the Launchpad. This makes it easy to arrange and build up a new song sequentially. To mix between patterns, or to create a seamless transition or a surprising break in your performance also a split pattern which contains the half of the available tracks, can be selected and loaded into the currently playing pattern. In the studio or on the stage – it is really fun to switch between the patterns.

  • multiple Launchpads support: cascading your Launchpads will extend the steps of the step sequencer! E.g. two Launchpads connected by the plugin will result into a 16 step hardware step sequencer.
  • pattern load mode: load one of up to sixteen stored patterns in real time into the step sequencer. You could even mix the tracks of two different patterns. The pattern load mode enhances the variety of sequencing in live situations.
  • easier installation – automatic detection of the Launchpad(s), no Midi settings in Renoise needed
  • settings of the control matrix can be stored and loaded on the fly
  • new free demo version with Launchpad support

Make your Launchpad(s) a Hardware Step Sequencer

The plugin “Lauflicht Step Sequencer” for Renoise makes of your Novation Launchpad a moving light step sequencer with 8, 16 or 32 Steps, unlimited tracks, with the possibilty to use your own samples, MIDI or VSTI instruments for each track and is an ideal tool for playing live on stage or in the studio.

The “Lauflicht Step Sequencer” is a moving light, multitrack and multitimbral step sequencer. In playmode, the moving light indicates which step is currently playing. It is possible to edit the pattern while playing, you can even load a new pattern and it is loaded into the Step Sequencer plugin automatically.

For every track you can assign one instrument. It can be a sample, a vsti instrument, a midi instrument or a sample bank of your choice. You can insert a note of an instrument into the appropriate track by pressing a button on the Launchpad – pressing it twice will remove the note again. In the plugin you can configurate velocity, length, delay and of course the note value of the note to insert. You can even insert a chord (up to three notes) with just pressing one button. With the variable note resolution you can insert notes at every position of the pattern (e.g. 1/2, 1/8, 1/16) and have a detailed view (high resolution) or compact view (low resolution, showing e.g. every 4th step only) of the pattern.

With the Lauflicht Step Sequencer Launchpad Edition, you have complete control of the whole pattern with your Launchpad, regardless of the pattern length and step size you have chosen. You can page through the pattern easily with the left/right and “user2” buttons, change the resolution modes, and scroll through the tracks with the up and down buttons. It just turns your Launchpad into a great Hardware Step Sequencer.





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